A smaller status update

Except for the ordinary slavery going on at school I’m working on a bunch of projects


A rewrite of Lolikins’ rewrite (which I never finished), sort of.
Made in Python instead of PHP which gives a couple of quite nice advantages such as:

  • SSL support again
  • Clean code (PHP looks dirty for some reason, probably all those $)
  • Module reloading without the use of unsupported extensions

Oh and I have someone helping me out actively this time (which means it’ll probably be finished too).


As usual there’s some changes I did to the quote database such as infi-scroll (you know, the thing that makes the page continue loading while you scroll on twitter and such) which… doesn’t work quite as I want it to just yet but oh well.


There’s a project I’ll announce when it’s ready (some of you may already know but keep it to yourselves).