What my boredom has created

As you might have guessed I’m quite bored and therefor I’m blogging. While I was thinking about what to blog about the idea just appeared in front of me: blog about not knowing what to blog about! And here it is:
Stuff that I’ve created:

  • Lolikins
  • The quote database
  • This list >:D

And since I can’t seem to find anything else to do right now I’ll continue writing on this one till I get bored :3

On another note Reimu and Marisa even though I have to say that the Reimu one is superior.
And while I’m linking I might as well link a few music videos, even though YouTube’s quality sucks >_>

Matrix 東方 Touhou Techno/Classic 7
Yay, U.N Owen was her.
Devil’s 東方 Metal/Prog Rock 666 lol broken links

Uh… I’m out of stuff to write about… for now <_<
Scratch that, I can’t resist. Moe~ Moe~ Kyun~
Mio is mine.

Note: This post isn’t supposed to make sense.