Random updates

So… I just thought I’d post some updates to keep this blog from being idle for way too long.

As you might know (at least if you checked out the Projects tab) I’m working on an irclib, so I thought I’d give you a bit of a preview on how the actual ircbot looks from the command-line.

Sadly it seems like the coloring and stuff will be Linux only since it requires an extra (3rd-party, not Microsoft) executable for Windows.

pIRC - A screenshot
So, this is how it looks

An extensible IRC-bot made in PHP using as few PECL modules as possible.

The goal of pIRC is to have a fast lightweight bot that’s extensible.

And this is the current feature set:

– Event Handler

  • Supports both arrays and single arguments, if none are given upon registering the function will be passed the standard Message object.
  • Built-in flood protection

– Modules

  • All modules can be loaded, unloaded and reloaded during run-time
  • It checks the syntax before loading to prevent accidental crashing
  • Probably less leaky than the rename class method that others seems to use


I did some updates to the QDB to make it a bit faster along with fixing up a new theme for my #bakabt stats.

Sadly not much more to report, except the fact that I have math test on Wednesday so I wont get anything done on anything this week anyway :3

Also, if you have any suggestions to the QDB or similar, feel free, suggestions are always welcome.

This post is pretty much a post to remind myself to work on this crap when I get the time to >_>
also, todo: Add more stuff to this update post.