Some updates (and new creations)

The Quote Database

The quote database I work on (Akyu) have been updated to 0.2 recently (24th August).
This changed some things:

  • Voting buttons now actually tells you they are, i.e voting buttons
  • No text error messages, all error messages are displayed when you hover over the button you just clicked
  • Some minor changes to the layouts of some pages (for example the search page)


A smaller bug fix a couple of days ago. The event handler couldn’t handle some constants as triggers.
Away has been added to the irc wrapper as well.

Going to try to get some sort of Admin module into it next time I have a longer weekend than I have now.


My little image gallery I work on every now and then.
It currently only generates cached thumbnails for what I upload and lists them on the index page; nothing fancy.

Feel free to take a look

One last thing

Rawr, I'm going to poke you with my antenna