Some updates (and new creations)

The Quote Database

The quote database I work on (Akyu) have been updated to 0.2 recently (24th August).
This changed some things:

  • Voting buttons now actually tells you they are, i.e voting buttons
  • No text error messages, all error messages are displayed when you hover over the button you just clicked
  • Some minor changes to the layouts of some pages (for example the search page)

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It’s finally here and everything is fine~ :3

Mandatory Touhou

Tenshi and Yuuka
Oh Tenshi, you masochist

Tenshi, that is all. (Anyone thought of Angel Beats! Tenshi? No? Good.)

Either way, recently I realized how nice Tenshi’s theme is. You should check it out (a simple search for “Catastrophe in Bhava-agra ~ Wonderful Heaven” on YouTube will give you plenty results or her final spell theme for that matter “Bhava-agra As Seen Through a Child’s Mind”).

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Random updates

So… I just thought I’d post some updates to keep this blog from being idle for way too long.

As you might know (at least if you checked out the Projects tab) I’m working on an irclib, so I thought I’d give you a bit of a preview on how the actual ircbot looks from the command-line.

Sadly it seems like the coloring and stuff will be Linux only since it requires an extra (3rd-party, not Microsoft) executable for Windows.

pIRC - A screenshot
So, this is how it looks

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